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This site is all about me me me me me.... That was pretty obvious wasn't it? Some people call me a narcisist, self deluded, self obsessed but to tell the truth this is really just one aspect of me... I'm a lot more than what you see here...for instance, I'm actually 3d and not just a photo :)

OK, down to business, the really important things you may need to know... in case you haven't guessed I'm actually a transgendered... erm... person. I say person as pronoun use can get pretty confusing in this lifestyle.

Being transgendered means that some of the time I like to dress as a woman (well actually it's a bit more than that but you get the general idea!) Yep I'm really a guy ;)...no really! Okay, really weird huh? Well maybe, who am I to tell you what's weird ;) I enjoy it though!

If this isn't your thing then whoah did you click on the wrong link to get here! I make absolutely no apologies for who I am but... I'd actually love to know how you came here, so why not drop me an email? However, why not hang around a bit and broaden your experience of some of your fellow human beings :) It's all quite clean and decent and there is no nudity or vile deeds, apart from my taste in music.

If this is your thing then I hope you really enjoy reading a lot, I'm afraid I tend to talk way too much... think of this site as an outlet for me, maybe a repository of photos, a place to save some precious memories, a place to spout utter drivel!

Hopefully this site is suitable for anyone who just wants to learn a little bit more about who I am and perhaps realise that they are not the only one, believe me I used to think I was.

Personally I really love reading the bios of other transgendered people, it's actually the best bit of the sites, at least to this me. It really makes me feel...right, even kind of normal...well kind of! To know that there are so many other people with the same stories and thoughts as me is great.

Thanks for visiting and take care

Becky Storm

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